Monica Trevisi’s artisan spirit is reflected in her workshop, housed in one of the most successful conversions in the Treviso region: Filanda Motta, a silk mill redeveloped into a stunning complex packed with atmosphere, an enchanting, timeless place that manages to combine the modern and the traditional.

A wonderful example of late nineteenth-century industrial archaeology, Filanda Motta stands out on the skyline with its unusual shape rising up next to the charming village church. It’s so well preserved you could be forgiven for thinking it’s still churning out silk behind its long porticoed façade, while two other buildings frame the garden beautifully. Today, the complex stands as one of the most interesting and best preserved architectural landmarks of its time. Its generous spaces are home to all manner of professional and recreational activities, with studios, workshops and ateliers drawing off its evocative atmosphere to forge a sense of new craftsmanship, combining modern-day innovation and old-fashioned workmanship.